Dr Phil is taping an edition of his show. Headbutt the emojis to cure them of problems. If you miss an emoji, you lose a million viewers. Miss more than three, the show gets cancelled. Avoid bombs thrown by audience. Use space to make Dr Phil jump, or tap screen if on mobile device.

This isn't a very good game and there are probably loads of bugs. It was made using Construct2. At some point I might try and compile this to a downloadable desktop version that doesn't take up over 100MB, I mean for god's sake Scirra, come on.

Published Nov 20, 2017
Made withConstruct
Tags8-Bit, a-bit-crap, dr-phil, fake-retro


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goty 2017 not even joking you actually made a game for my jam i love you

sorry for the SUPER late response, but i really appreciate it




hey that's pretty good


Thank you.